Long lasting tributes

Forever in our thoughts

At Maddock, we believe that creating a lasting tribute to your loved one can play an important part in the grieving process.

Of course, marking the presence of the deceased with a gravestone or memorial has always been tradition. But there are more options today than ever before – from having ashes transformed into a diamond for a ring or necklace to personalised painted urns.

Not to mention the increasing popularity of planting or sponsoring memorial plants or trees. These are more eco-friendly alternative to traditional memorials, and memorial benches with personal inscriptions.

With the benefits of new technology, ‘virtual’ memorials are also becoming more feasible. These comprise of a website in memory of a loved one featuring music, pictures and videos which also allow friends and family to add their own messages and updates.

Feel free to discuss with us the different ways to create a long-lasting tribute to your loved one…