Funeral music and stationery

Choosing funeral music

From traditional hymns such as Amazing Grace and All Things Bright and Beautiful to classic songs like Over the RainbowAngels and You’ll Never Walk Alone, music can be so important for any funeral. It’s another lovely way you can personalise the ceremony and show the personality of your loved one.

The music is completely your choice – you could opt for a traditional organ playing or choose to have more modern music playing. Some people even have a live musician playing the songs for the ceremony.

Generally, your chosen crematoria or church will provide one of the following:

  • A selection of pre-recorded music
  • A music system to play your choice
  • An organist

Choosing an Order of Service

Only with the music, the Order of Service is another simple way to make the service unique to your loved one. It’s a commemoration the mourners can read and keep as a lasting reminder of your loved one.

Along with a selection of order of service designs, we provide additional stationery options, including Attendance Cards, Memorial Cards and Bookmarks. All of these can be personalised to include unique information such as photos, personal messages and poems.

Our team will help you to choose the perfect stationery offering our experience and expertise to help you create your Order of Service to help you provide family and friends with a lasting way of remembering someone special. The more personal and unique, the better…

If you want something completely unique, we can create entirely bespoke designs based upon your loved one’s interests, favourite pastimes and hobbies.