Dressing the deceased

What your loved one wears for their burial or cremation is a personal choice for you to make – we’ve found that many people decide do dress the deceased in their own clothing rather than buy something new.

Funeral traditions change over time, and at the moment clothing that reflects a hobby or interest  is a popular choice. Some have chosen a uniform of an organisation, a wedding dress – even a football shirt of a beloved team.

The only restrictions about clothing we’ve come across are that dependant on the crematorium – some materials or fabrics may not be allowed, and we would need to comply with any stipulated regulations.

We can let you know what restrictions (if any) are in place for your chosen crematorium – and we’re also happy to talk through any ideas or concerns you may have if you need a bit of help.

If you’d like to take a traditional approach – we can supply gowns along with our coffins – so feel free to ask if you would like to see the options available.

We’re here if you need help choosing the clothing for your loved one …