Funeral costs and payments

How much does a funeral cost?

Funerals can be so unique and specific to the person that has passed – and this means that funeral costs can vary considerably based on what you decide to include.

We offer a very basic funeral for just £695.00, a simple funeral for £1,350.00 and a range of full-service traditional funerals from £1,815.00

Disbursements need to be added to those prices; for a cremation these will be approximately £1,100.00 and the same for a burial  if you already have a grave or about £2,000.00 if you need to purchase one.

Many have concerns about funeral costs in the further that their family will need to pay when they die. Maddock offer a range of award winning pre-paid funeral plans that mean you can stagger the payments to spread the cost. There is more information about our Plans here – or one of our dedicated team will be happy to talk through our Plans with you.

Please contact us on 01925 261803 (24-hour manned line) and we can fully explain about the fees and charges involved in your funeral, or post out to you a comprehensive and detailed guide to our prices.