Visiting the deceased

A very personal decision – choosing whether to visit the deceased is obviously your choice and yours alone.

This is one aspect of the funeral where we can’t really advise you. But, over the years, we’ve found that many people truly take comfort from seeing the deceased at rest and having some final moments together.

The Maddock team will not pressure you to visit the deceased – this is your decision. We have private remembrance rooms (sometimes called the ”Chapel of Rest”) available in our Maddock facilities. If you prefer, you can have your loved one at home – we’ll arrange this for you – we’re here to help.

Should you decide to use our remembrance room, you can personalise the space with a photograph or some possessions that pay tribute to your loved one.

If you choose to use our remembrance room, why not display a photograph or a small selection of things that reflect the life of your loved one? This is just another way that you can personalise your funeral with Maddock.