Flowers, tributes and donations

Organising donations and choosing the perfect flowers 

For the majority of funerals we have organised – we see beautiful flowers and floral arrangements (usually in abundance!)

Tributes from family members are so uplifting, and often come in the form of words such as ‘Son’ or ‘Dad’. Traditions change, and we’re now seeing more creative and modern floral sculptures, from motorbikes to a pint of beer – we feel like we’ve seen it all!

Maddock are here to help you choose a design for a personal tribute, whether a bouquet, or a wreath and sprays – there is also the option for a coffin display or specialist design.

Personal choice is so important. We use our years of experience to help you create the perfect arrangement or tribute.

For any floral arrangements that can be placed in a vase, you can take these home with you, or many like to donate them to a hospital to provide cheer.

What happens after the funeral?

After the funeral is done, Maddock are still here to support you.

Along with providing you with a list of mourners that attended the funeral (we know you may not get to see and speak to everyone) – we’ll also ensure the notes and cards from flowers are collected and given to you.

If you’d like the flowers to to be placed somewhere specific, on a family grave, or taken to you house we can arrange this for you.

Should you choose to donate the floral tributes and arrangements to a local hospital or hospice we will make sure they arrive there.

Asking for donations

The volume of flowers that are sent to a bereaved family can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.

Maddock have seen an increase in the number of people who restrict floral tributes to immediate family or close friends and then ask others to consider making a donation to a charity such as a local hospice or a research fund.

This is a really positive way of helping others by raising important funds for your chosen charity or good cause. There could be a charity that is especially relevant to your loved one.

Donations are a wonderful option to consider.

Please contact us on 01925 261803 (24-hour manned line) and we can offer help and advice about and charitable donations and floral arrangements.