COVID-19: 30th October

October 30, 2020

Over the last couple of weeks we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of deceased coming to us who have passed with Covid so now feels to be the correct time to re-post some of the ways in which Covid is making us carry out our duties and how they may affect you , our clients.

You must ‘phone us to make an appointment if you wish to come to make funeral arrangements or to visit a deceased person in chapel. We are trying to prevent different households from coming in to contact with each other on our premises. Our doors are all locked and will only be opened for people that we are expecting, so please don’t just show up !

Whether you are coming to our premises to make arrangements, or to visit a chapel, or to pay a bill, please only come 2 at a time and remember to social distance whilst here.

We are not allowing any person in to our buildings who may meet multiple bereaved families in multiple settings; that means no ministers, doctors or florists. We can still arrange flowers on your behalf, or will take flowers from your own florist at our doorstep.

Nearly all families find it both practical and convenient to travel in our limousines; we took delivery of some brand new 2020 limousines this Summer and  have fitted clear Perspex screens behind the driver to protect you from us and vice-versa. You should bear in mind current guidelines regarding which members of your family should travel together.

If your loved one passed with Covid it is important that you establish the date that the positive test took place as this will directly affect what we are able to do for you. If the positive test was within the last 15 days then understandably the safest course of action would be to close the coffin immediately; we would still encourage you to come to pay your respects in one of our private chapels; many families bring in  a lovely framed photograph of the deceased to display on top of the closed coffin. Alternatively you may prefer us to bring the coffin home to you. If the positive Covid test was 15 days or more prior to passing, we may be able to allow your loved one to be dressed in their own clothes and presented in an open coffin.

Most churches and places of worship are welcoming funerals but with reduced numbers, strict social distancing and the compulsory use of face coverings. Churches are allowing a maximum of 30 mourners.

Most local crematoria are restricting the number of mourners to 20 inside the chapel and 10 outside and reserve the right to delay the service if these numbers are exceeded.

Our fees for a good number of the funerals that we do are £2,100.00 for a smart ‘Severn’ coffin with all of our services including care of the deceased and use of a private chapel of rest but without a limousine, or £2,295.00 with a limousine. A second limousine would cost £195.00.  For a cremation the upgraded ‘Mersey’ coffin is popular and for a burial many choose the oak ‘Lune’; willow coffins are being increasingly chosen for both burial and cremation. Funerals can of course be more expensive or less expensive depending upon the choices and arrangements that you make.  The fees charged by the crematorium, doctors and clergy will add about £1,150.00 on top of our fees.

Please feel free to call us for any further advice or help.

Thank you,

Charles Craven.