7 Ways to personalise a funeral

December 15, 2021

Each person is unique, so when someone passes away you may want to explore unique ways of celebrating them and their life.

Here are some ways you can personalise a funeral for a loved one, to show their personality and make their send-off truly special.

Personalise the coffin

Most people opt for a wooden coffin, but there are other options available that are becoming increasingly popular.

Cardboard coffins are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional coffins and are completely customisable as they can be printed on.

This means you can have images and words on them, and they can be made to look like something, such as a wine box or guitar case.

Arrive in style

Transportation to a funeral is usually in hearses. However, there are several alternatives available that may be better suited to your loved one’s personality.

Some ideas to explore include a fire engine, horse-drawn carriage, motorbike, tractor, campervan, and boat.

Create a memory table

Set up a memory table where friends and family can display items that represent your loved one’s life.

These items could include photos, artwork, trophies, certificates, some of their favourite things, and things they have made and that represent their hobbies.

You could also have a memory board or jar where people can jot down their memories of this person or write a message to them.

Include their favourite flowers

Another way to personalise a funeral is to display their favourite type of flowers, or flowers in their favourite colours, throughout the service and venue.

You could even wear one on your jacket or hat, and ask others to do the same.

Wear alternative colours

People traditionally wear black to funerals, but you can request that attendees wear a different colour in honour of your loved one.

You could ask that people wear their favourite colours, bright colours, a certain pattern or print, or the colours of the sports team they supported, for example.

Rather than setting a specific colour scheme, you could suggest that people wear something that reminds them of the person they lost, such as an accessory they always wore or something they wore to a special occasion.

Serve their favourite food

Add another personal touch to the day by serving your loved one’s favourite foods, sweet treats, and drinks.

You could even make something using one of their recipes, or share some of their recipes or cooking or baking tips with others.

Write a personal eulogy

Help to set the tone for the day by writing a eulogy that encapsulates the essence of the person you have lost.

Reading a eulogy allows you to share memories and say goodbye in your own special way. You can even lighten the mood by sharing funny stories and anecdotes.

For more ideas of how to personalise a funeral, or to discuss whether any ideas that you have can be brought to life, you should speak to the funeral director.

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